Project Pumpkin

Day 6 of Project Pumpkin. I say project in loving remembrance of days working at the shelter when we would look amongst ourselves and ask “Who wants a project?”

Pumpkin is a one year old Dogue de Bordeaux mix. A dog de bor-wha? My fellow trainer friend instantly recognized this shelter labeled Pit Bull as having the wrinkly common characteristics with Hooch from the comedy “Turner & Hooch” starring Tom Hanks. He most likely is a Heinz 57, but he’s got that French Mastiff face down pat!

pumpkin1I went into this 6 day pet sitting adventure prepared. As I had already been training Pumpkin for two weeks, he had earned the unfortunate nickname of Sir Humps A Lot! His owners were frustrated with his outbursts and lack of housetraining. I immediately got to work on a custom aromatherapy blend for this boy. His Pumpkin juice was formulated around information I gathered from testing his chakras the previous week. How does one test a dog’s chakras? With a pendulum and a person to distract dog in question with food to prevent from eating the pendulum. Open chakras grant us with a nice clockwise flowing circular movement from the pendulum and blocked or overactive chakras result in either no movement, shaky movement or excessively wide circles. The chakras I suspected to be malfunctioning were as such and gave me the info I needed to formulate this blend. The pure essential oils incorporated into this blend were intuitively chosen for their healing emotional attributes to help bolster self esteem, for grounding and clarity and to help in the learning and retaining of new skills. Pumpkin’s blend consists of Rosemary Verbenone, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus Radiata, Japanese Mint, Cardamom, Sweet Fennel and last, but certainly not least in importance, the wonderful anti-aphrodisiac essential oil of Sweet Majoram, to assist in combating any of the expected humping episodes. (I had recently read that Guide Dogs for the Blind wholeheartedly embraces the use of this essential oil for aromatherapy with their male working service dogs.) Currently all of my Sit Stay Zen oils are blended in a combination carrier oil mix of Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil. Essentials oils always need to be diluted in a carrier oil in order to be safely applied to the skin.

Thank goodness Pumpkin was immediately responsive to his new oil. This dog loves aromatherapy! When a full onset of the crazies ensued, as any one year old pup can exhibit with fervor, it took only 15 minutes from the time of application (I let him sniff the bottle and applied several drops to his ears and collar) for Pumpkin to lay down nice and calm again. Success! Oh so amazing, the wonder of aromatherapy!

I have so bonded with this dog that it’s hard to have to leave him now and head back home to my quiet, subdued, senior, female Shiba Inu. Lilly is such a pleasure to be around because she is literally no work at all, we are so in sync with one another after 13 years! But she lets me know if it’s one minutes past 6:00 pm when her dinner is to be served! And Daylight Savings Time? Lilly says, “What’s that?” So now I hear from her at 5:01 pm. It has been such a joy to be around this exuberant, happy, bouncy boy! I miss all that big dog male energy since the passing of my Mastiff last year.

Pumpkin has now been placed on a training program with high hopes his new owners will be able to see his great potential and outstanding good traits. What dog doesn’t whine in his crate, doesn’t eat poop, doesn’t bark, doesn’t chase deer and gets along with other dogs, cats and people? A resounding roar from the crowd or well, from his very own personal cheerleader, me, “Pumpkin!!!” In these six days together, he has learned to walk nice (even in town), fetch a ball and give to best of his “I just love to carry stuff” ability, sit nice for dinner, down stay and we have only had three housebreaking mishaps, two of which were my own fault for not being completely vigilant.

pumpkin3Rescue a dog, don’t think twice about it! Pumpkin was on death row in an NYC shelter. This beautiful, loving soul would not be here today if his new owner didn’t take swift action in adopting him. Second chance hounds are worth the time and energy and enjoying the undertaking of a rewarding, promising “project”.





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  1. What a sweet story! Pumpkin , by now (6-5-14) has swooped into the hearts of a family ….and hopefully has found his forever home. Bless you Kristy!

    1. Thanks Audrey! Pumpkin is doing so well now in his new home. He is hardly jumping at all, his skin issues are resolved and he is on a top notch raw diet. His owner takes him on daily walking adventures and will often drive him around to new areas so that he gets to socialize in unfamiliar surroundings and with different people and dog friends. Integrating a newly adopted dog into your home often takes time and effort. We are often never sure of their true prior life, but it is very rewarding to learn from them what they need and deserve in order to establish that bond of lifetime.

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