Zen Doggie Spray




ZEN DOGGIE SPRAY  – an Aromatic Canine Calming Spray of Pure Essential Oils (4 oz)

  • Sedative qualities of essential oils contained in ZEN DOGGIE SPRAY help produce a relaxing, calming effect on dogs.
  • Relief for Visits to the Vet, Hyperactivity, Reactive Dogs, Holiday Stress, Sibling Rivalry and Noise Phobias.
  • 100% Nature. ZEN DOGGIE SPRAY is safely diluted for dogs utilizing only the highest quality canine friendly essential oils.
  • No harsh chemicals means no harsh side effects!
  • Veterinarian Approved
  • Formulated by a Holistic Animal Practitioner and Dog Trainer

Bottle Size is 4oz.

How to use Zen Doggie Spray:

Shake well before use. Apply Zen Doggie Spray to your dog or mist the room before the event that causes your dog stress. Can be safely applied to doggie beds or anywhere your dog likes to hang out!

Use it initially at night or during quiet time while giving him or her a little massage rub down. This will make the sedative quality of the oils even more relaxing for first time use!

Do not apply for the very first time while your dog is under stress. You want your dog to make a positive, relaxing association with Zen Doggie Spray. Be careful when spraying to avoid your dogs eyes.

Zen Doggie Spray is not meant for ingestion and is for external application use only.

Enjoy your dog at his or her best, relaxed and zen!


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