Georgia Peach Pig

georgia2A Facebook post about an article I wrote on “Acupressure for Senior Dogs” brought the attention of Marcie Bunting, owner and operator of Billy’s New Hope Barn in Honesdale, PA. Marcie questioned, “Can acupressure help a pig?” WOW! I was stumped, but certain that yes it could. What was going on with said pig? Marcie indicated that 12 year old Georgia, one of many rescued pot bellied pigs living at the sanctuary, was lame and could no longer get up on her own. In early winter, Georgia was moved inside to the comfort of Marcie’s kitchen. The vet was perplexed by her condition, suggested it could possibly be vestibular disease and recommended “to just put her down”. How horrifying! Marcie started seeking other options.

I’ll admit I have never worked acupoints on a pig before! Georgia has been so good for all of her treatments. I didn’t know what to expect and chose general points for paralysis and pain. I also incorporated Reiki into Georgia’s ongoing treatments. After the initial session, I was later told by Marcie that she crawled to her water bowl! I was thrilled!

Georgia continues to spend her days lounging in Marcie’s kitchen, but there is a marked difference in her muscle tone. She used to hold her stumpy legs out, rigid and immobile, but now she stretches and kicks with fervor. Her neck mobility has also increased. When I work her points, her legs turn to jello in pure and total surrender to relaxation while grunting and wagging her tail with satisfaction.

georgia1Only time will tell if Georgia will regain full use of her legs again. Her life has been very difficult as she and her sibling came from a neglectful home. She has only been living in salvation at the sanctuary for about a year now and Marcie states that overall her health has dramatically improved. We are all hoping with the arrival of Spring that getting back outside again will do Georgia some good. For now she enjoys her Fruit Punch Gatorade (in case you are wondering why on earth this piggie has pink stains on the hairs of her chinny chin chin) and her daily massages by kitty friend, Fuzzy, who literally lays on top of Georgia, kneading and stimulating her muscles with her little power paws. What a gift for animals to be in tune with one another and sense what they need!

As for me, I am looking forward to spending more time with Georgia and the rest of the gang at Billy’s New Hope Barn offering help and healing where it is needed. I am grateful to Georgia and Marcie for introducing pigs into my life and into my heart.
Dedicated to housing, protecting and giving compassionate care to abused, neglected or abandoned farm animals. Billy’s New Hope Barn is a non profit 501c3 organization and relies on donations. Located just outside of Honesdale, PA, Billy’s New Hope Barn has a 6000 sq. ft barn and 160 acres with lots of room for animals! Not only is funding needed, but also help with animal care.  

If you would like to help, please send to donations for care of these rescued animals to:
Billy’s New Hope Barn, Inc.
349 Schoolhouse Road
Honesdale, Pa 18431

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